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Software development
Software development studies the process of software solutions' implementation. Our positioning requires us to control the majority of technologies, tools and methods inherent in this area


IT is significant for maintaining and improving companies' information systems. Reliability of operation and improvement of productivity by software have become major issues: reliability because it contributes to the quality and the productivity of the company's services because it allows for economies of scale.

In this context, software development is an evolving discipline; its purpose being to ensure the reliability and the productivity of software through the use of formal development process, structured methods and rigorous techniques.

Having a strong expertise in this area, meltingSoft will help you realize your software projects and achieve your strategic goals.

our expertise

meltingSoft can assist you throughout your project, from the idea research to the operational maintenance of your software solution.

  • Needs analysis

    We collect the detailed information needed to define the functions the software has to offer and the results it has to give. Our experience in various trades such as procurement, finance or production facilitates our understanding of our customers' issues.
  • Design

    We determine and schematize outline mechanisms that will be programmed so that the software meets each of the functions: conceptual plans following modeling standard formalisms (UML or Merise), software architecture, visual generation pretypes ...
  • Development

    We control the development of applications in diverse environments: many programming languages, Web application development (web sites, web services, showcases sites) or Windows (Desktop applications, services, libraries), .NET or J2EE environment.
  • Tests

    We conduct the necessary checks to detect a maximum of bugs or programming defects in your software system. We also participate in the validation of your solution, test in which we check that the functions it offers correspond to expectations and needs.
  • Maintenance

    We transform, correct and, if necessary, improve software solutions already available to users.
We adapt our language to the profile of our spokespersons and we can work with your technical sales, your engineers as well as your operators, your users or your service managers.

our expertise

Our areas of expertise in software development covers the the key activities of your application's life cycle.

  • Analysis

    • UML, Unified Process
    • Merise
  • Development

    • Technologies: .NET, Angular, React
    • Concepts: Clean Code, ACID, SOLID, Craft, OO
    • Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDb, LiteDb, SQLLite
    • Infrastructure: Azure, AWS, OVH, Docker
    • Design and programmation: VS, VS Code, Azure DevOps, TeamCity, Git, SVN, Npm, Nuget, Chocolatey.
  • Integration

    • Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server
    • RabbitMQ, Hadoop
    • Typo 3, WordPress

our methodology

Our expertise allows us to adapt to the types of methods you want.

  • Cascade

    The work of functional analysis and design, programming (or setup) and testing is performed sequentially.
  • V-model

    The work is divided into a descending part from the analysis and design to coding and testing and a raising part to the acceptance; each phase returning the information to its vis-à-vis.
  • Spiral

    The work of analysis, programming, testing and validation is performed on a set of software functions more and more detailed over the iterations.
  • Agile way

    The work is carried out according to a spiral development cycle with numerous and short iterations. Method preferred by our teams: Scrum.