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Business process management
Business process management deals with the life cycle process involving information, software and people within your organization.


The competitiveness of each business depends on its ability to optimize its production processes, reducing costs and improving quality. Business process management is to reposition the control of the organization and its information system to the company's business. In order to improve processes, business process management allows you to meet:

  • the need to comply with new regulations,
  • the need for traceability and visibility,
  • the requirements arising from the quality initiatives,
  • the desire to increase the productivity of your teams,
  • the need to control operational risks.
Having a strong expertise in this area, meltingSoft can help you build, edit and optimize your processes in businesses as diverse as purchasing, finance or production.

our expertise

Our expertise can meet the five major shares of the business process management.

  • Audit and analysis

    We study the organization and objectives in order to decompose the whole activity of one or more business processes and to identify performance indicators.
  • Business process modeling

    We produce the model representing the reality of the organization.
  • Integration of the solution

    We connect the solution with the whole information system of the organization.
  • Enforcement

    We implement the solutions.
  • Management and optimization

    We analyze the status of processes through performance dashboards and propose actions to improve them.
We adapt our language to the profile of our spokespersons and we can work with your technical sales, your engineers as well as your operators, your users or your service managers.

our expertise

meltingSoft can assist you throughout your project, from a simple audit to the optimization of your business processes.

  • Audit of existing business processes
  • Business process modeling
  • Optimization of business processes