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meltingSoft is primarily a team of experts whose strength lies in its expertise and values. We provide a lasting partnership with each client, based on trust and proximity

our team

meltingSoft is primarily a core of technical and functional experts in the fields of software development, business intelligence and business process management. We are united around the common goal of innovation and performance.

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our values

Four core values ​​guide our daily life:

  • Pragmatism

    Our strategic decisions are always based on the customer. We ensure that our services fully meet his needs.
  • Innovation

    This is our reason for being. We always try to provide simple, intuitive and responsive solutions.
  • Stability

    Because we want to go far, we guarantee our team and our partners a dynamic, stable and stimulating environment.
  • Efficiency

    We do not only help our clients to meet their need; we also seek to minimize the resources they need to commit to do so.
In short, we seek to bring to companies innovation in performance and performance in innovation.

our vision

Due to the constant evolution of New Technologies, companies must continuously improve their information systems to remain competitive. However, it is often difficult for them to be heard by consulting firms that too often focus on the amount of staffed employees rather than understanding their clients' business issues.
Thus meltingSoft is carefuly to remain a reliable partner: reliable for its expertise and its service quality, reliable for the honesty and the transparency of its employees. We improve performance in the service we provide and innovation in the software solutions we realize.

our activity

meltingSoft is a services company specializing in the management of information flow for professionals. We support our clients in the study, implementation and maintenance of solutions involving our three areas of expertise: software development, business intelligence and business process management.

Creation date
March 16, 2010
Legal form
Share capital
€ 19,500
Head office
92 Boulevard Victor Hugo
92110 CLICHY
520 948 555 00013
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our clients

Our clients are companies from various sectors (finance, transport, IT services) we bring a strong and available experience to in one of our three areas of expertise.
But our clients are also thousands of professionals who use our document workflow management solutions worldwide.

our documentation

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