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meltingSoft offers a work environment conducive to the development of your career. We operate exclusively by direct approach; a method that allows us to ensure the adequacy of our profiles and our personalities.

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meltingSoft has renounced the industrial quantity and benefits. We are not a standard consulting firm but a core of experts willing to combine our expertise to businesses. Thus, working with us is

  • Flourishing in his work

    We encourage understanding, good humor and solidarity among us.
  • Developing skills

    We strive to keep us sustained daily dynamics.
  • Evolving in his career plan

    We are involved in an ambitious undertaking and can evolve with it.
  • Equitably receiving the fruits of his labor

    We share our profits according to the value of each.
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meltingSoft daily

We are in the dynamism of an ambitious startup.

  • We apply a management policy to meet the desired career and personal development of our employees.
  • We make it a point of honor to maintain an excellent working atmosphere among our teams and encourage support between each other.
  • We provide the means to continuously develop our skills through training and projects in new areas.
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To encourage the integration of future graduates meltingSoft has partnered with universities and colleges.
Student in last year of engineering school, you want to gain work experience through an internship on development or maintenance projects. These traning experiences allow you to consider, in the short term, a collaboration based on the needs of our company and the skills you are able to implement.

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