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Our range of services has been built to meet your direct issues. It is simple and accurate for your business, clear and transparent for your decision-makers
Design and develop innovative solutions to increase performance
Implement your development projects and software solutions configuration
Keep your software applications in operational condition
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conditions of services

meltingSoft experts are able to adapt to their customers' demands.

  • Place of performance
    Our services can be performed at the location the customer wants (in his premises or ours, in France or abroad).
  • Support mode
    Our services can be conducted with engagement of means (day billing) or engagement of results (package billing). Thanks to its experience meltingSoft can guarantee its customers the respect of cost and time as well as the assurance of high quality services.
  • Monitoring
    Depending on the expressed requirements, we offer our customers a suitable, flexible and transparent methodology allowing them to maintain control over our work's progress.

Expertise: Get the right solutions

  • Expertise: Get the right solutions
    Having taken part in projects from various industries and contexts, we have continued to develop our skills and knowledge. We offer you this expertise now.
  • Flexibility: Make your evolution
    Because we are a human-sized structure, we make a point to well understand your expectations. We then study all possible means to satisfy them.
  • Transparency: Avoid surprises
    Because we want to maintain lasting relationships of trust with you, we always communicate what we will do, what we are doing and what we have done; this, in both operational and commercial terms.